Contact Lenses

beautiful human eye and contact lens isolated

Our eye doctors at Mercer Island Family Eye Care evaluate and fit a wide variety of contact lenses for children, teens and adults. Their experiences offer advanced contact lens fitting including astigmatic (toric), multifocal, monovision and rigid gas permeable contact lenses. They will provide a thorough examination to select the best option for you based on the health and shape of your eyes, type of correction needed, previous contact lens experience and lifestyle.

Contact lenses are considered a medical device and should be evaluated and updated by an eye care professional annually. There have been numerous advancements in both lens materials and contact lens designs that can allow more successful results. These lead to many more contact lens options available currently than in the past. If you discontinued wearing your contact lenses due to discomfort or unacceptable visual results, you may want to reconsider your contact lens decision since there are many more options available to correct your contact lens concerns and needs.

Here are some types of contact lenses available to be fitted for a wide range of age groups serving Mercer Island, Seattle and Bellevue areas:

  • Hard Contact Lenses (Rigid Gas Permeables)
  • Soft Contact Lenses (many different types)
  • Disposable Contact lenses
  • Extended Wear Contact Lenses
  • Tinted (Colored) or Cosmetic Contact Lenses
  • ToricContact Lenses
  • Multifocal Contact Lenses

We also offer contact lens evaluations and training for young children in Mercer Island to Seattle and Bellevue. The age of the child doesn’t determine if they are ready for contact lenses since the eyes can tolerate contact lenses at a very young age. It depends on the parent’s assessment of how the child handles other responsibilities and if they have no trouble with apply and removing the contact lens on their own. Call us for an appointment and our doctors will help you determine if contact lenses are right for your child or teen!

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