Purchasing a pair of eyewear is a major investment but also an extremely important one. Our trained opticians can help you navigate the waters of the myriad of lens and frame options available today to select the best options for you, your lifestyle and the prescription provided by the optometrist. Vision is truly one of the most important senses that we possess, and it is equally important for you as a patient to be wearing something that is functional, that you enjoy wearing, that looks greats, and most importantly provides you with clear vision.


One of the most important parts of your new glasses are the lenses you choose. Eye care products can vary drastically between different offices, not only on selection and price but also in quality and craftsmanship. The undesirable consequences of poorly made, low quality lenses can deteriorate the health of your eyes over time. Therefore, we only work with high quality labs and products to create our lenses and provide our patients with the most precise optics for an exceptional visual experience.

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Maui Jim


Glasses frames are not only a utility to hold your lenses, but actively express your style and personality! Our knowledgeable opticians are available to share the latest eyewear trends and help you select the best frame for your prescription, face shape and lifestyle. Our wide selection of frames include unique acetates and metals in a variety of sizes including petite styles, extra large and universal fit frames.

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Save on your Second Pair!

We believe that multiple pairs of eye wear that function uniquely is not a luxury but a necessity. Whether it is a new prescription sunglasses for driving on a sunny day, computer glasses for your office job, safety glasses for your love of woodworking, or prescription goggles for swimming, we are committed to recommending and providing you with vision that is unique for your lifestyle. A variety of eyewear types can greatly support your active lifestyle, but we know multiple pairs can add up quickly. Mercer Island Family Eye Care would like to inform to you that your second pair (or more) of eyewear that is filled within 1 month of the examination date will receive 30% off the original purchase price!

To show our gratitude, by purchasing the products that we support and believe in, Mercer Island Family Eye Care offers an exclusive 1 year unconditional warranty on all eyewear frames purchased through our office. All lenses purchased with an anti-reflection and anti-scratch coating will also get a 1-2 year warranty* depending on the lens coating selected.

* All lenses that are to be replaced will be replaced by the spectacle prescription that was originally prescribed

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are considered a medical device and your prescription should be evaluated and updated by an eye care professional annually. There have been numerous recent advancements in both lens materials and contact lens designs that can allow for more successful results. These lead to many more contact lens options available currently than in the past. If you discontinued wearing your contact lenses due to discomfort or unacceptable visual results, you may want to reconsider your contact lens decision since there are many more options available to correct your contact lens concerns and needs.

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